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Formal online notification of the website

2017/12/27      view:
Respected customers:

After careful planning and preparation, the new website of Xingan yuan exchange center has been officially launched.

The new website has been adjusted from the whole structure, function module, picture display and so on. The content of the website is more abundant and the structure is clearer after the revision. A simple browsing experience allows you to quickly get the information you want. On the other hand, the new website's character and picture production material is filmed by the company's employees and their family members, which shows the spirit of the company better and reflects the humanized design of the website.

We look forward to your attention and look forward to your support. Welcome new and old customers to give more valuable advice, if there is any question can be sent to our company: 010-61594849. At the same time, thank you for the acceleration team in shooting and making the website!
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