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China building materials shares and shares in the merger of shares won a high ticket through the shareholders' meeting

2017/12/25      view:
In December 6th, Limited by Share Ltd Chinese China building materials Building Materials Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as China's building materials company; Stock Code: HK3323) and Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Chinese Sinoma Sinoma; Stock Code: HK1893) held a general meeting of shareholders and jointly announced the merger of shares and Chinese building materials materials company of the General Assembly overwhelmingly approved by shareholders. The two shareholders of the company in favor of the rate of more than 99%. Marked by strong support from both sides, the two listed companies have taken a critical step in the merger and opened up a new era of development. The world's building materials industry is launching a new "aircraft carrier".
After the merger of Chinese shares will remain listed on the main board of building materials in Hongkong, Sinoma revocation of the shares in the Hongkong Stock Exchange main board listing status and will be canceled, all of its assets, liabilities, business, personnel qualification, contract, and all other rights and obligations will be China shares and inheritance to undertake building materials. After the merger of shares by China China building materials building materials group directly or indirectly, the total shareholding of 42.20% shares, the original holders of H shares, the public China building materials company H shares of the total 45.69%, the original holder holding shares, Sinoma Chinese building a total of 12.11% shares of non listed shares.
In August 2016, China Building Materials Group and Sinoma Group approved the merger, creating the largest scale, the most powerful asset and the most concentrated talent group in China's building materials industry. In January this year, after the reorganization of the new group started the integration of wildly beating gongs and drums of its listed companies, Chinese building materials company shares and go all out, cooperate closely and actively communicate with government departments, agencies, repeated research, compared to comparable companies merger mode, and ultimately determine the Chinese materials shares of convertible absorption merger integration material shares, and was director of the group and the two listed companies respectively in September approved. In September, the two companies signed a merger agreement and issued a joint announcement. The management conducted a global road show to report a comprehensive merger to investors and the media. In November, the merger programme was approved by the SASAC of the State Council. In the next step, the merger will be implemented after approval of the approval and approval of the relevant regulatory authorities at home and abroad.
Chinese BlueChemical and materials company is China Building Materials Group's two leading listed companies, but also China class, an important global building materials enterprises, the two companies combined is a substantial step forward in the integration of the flagship listed company under the flag group. The total assets of the new company after the merger of more than 460 billion yuan, in the 6 areas of cement, concrete, gypsum board, glass fiber, wind turbine blades and the international cement engineering and waste heat power generation project market ranked first in the world, which owns 7 of A shares of listed companies, more than 160 thousand employees. The new company in the industrial layout, production scale, marketing, operation management, technological innovation and other aspects have a more comprehensive and competitive advantage, will be conducive to further consolidate the leading position in the industry, rich region and product layout, optimize procurement, production and operation system, the integration of overseas resources, realize the integration of resources sharing research, improvement financing structure.
The chairman of the board of directors, China Building Materials Group Chairman Song Zhiping said the board of directors of China BlueChemical, merging scheme can obtain high votes, gratifying, heartfelt thanks to the support of shareholders of the company for a long time, thanks to the excellent performance of all intermediaries in the merger process and a lot of hard work, thanks to the directors, supervisors and management made painstaking work. He said that the smooth implementation of the restructuring of "big two materials" at the group level is a milestone in the development process of the building materials industry and the new group. After China entered the new era pace, after the reorganization of the group made clear "from large to great", to build a world-class building materials enterprise strategic vision, clear strategic positioning industry leader, the industrial upgrading of the international cooperation capacity innovator, pioneer, and carry out a series of integrated optimization work. More than a year, through the joint efforts of all staff and staff, two materials quickly realized seamless docking, resulting in the synergy of 1+1>2.
He stressed that the merger of the two H-share listed companies is to implement the State Council on the two group with the implementation of the SASAC approval material, the depth of integration requirements, an important measure to implement the two material reorganization implementation plan requirements, is an important measure to implement the new concept of development group nineteen proposed, conform to the objective needs of the group's development, conform to the majority conform to the requirements of investors, especially in the building materials industry, the development trend of cement industry, with steady growth, China economy under the new normal supply side structural reform and promote The Belt and Road "construction and international cooperation of the theme of the times, will usher in new opportunities for the development of enterprises, it will profoundly affect the global pattern of building materials industry and provide valuable experience for the merger and reorganization and transformation of raw material of world industry upgrade. The new company will further play a good synergistic effect of recombinant and superposition advantages, integration of culture, innovation, sharing technology, and strive to create a better benefit, and continue to shoulder the responsibility to lead the healthy development of the industry, to further improve the market position by remodeling to participate in the pattern of the industry: to actively promote the adjustment of industrial structure, to promote the capacity to promote products to high-end forward, and expand the effective supply of high-end, set an example for the national supply side structural reforms; actively implement the "The Belt and Road" initiative, to participate in international competition, the global market to strengthen cooperation, improve the global competitiveness of China's building materials industry; accelerate the integration of advantageous resources, leading the industry to high-end
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