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China Building Materials Group won "the top 500 of China building materials enterprises 2017"

2017/12/25      view:

By October 26th, China building materials enterprise management association, China building materials industry planning and Research Institute organized the 2017 China building materials building materials enterprises private enterprise innovation development forum and the 2017 top 500 enterprises, Chinese building materials building materials service industry 100, 100 strong, most of the growth of Xing Jian material enterprises in 100 and Chinese park 20 building materials conference held in beijing. China building materials group won the "2017 China building materials 500" first; Chinese building material institute won the "2017 Chinese building service industry 100 strong" first; Kasen technology won the "2017 China most of the growth of building materials enterprises 100 strong" champion; Chinese glass new material science and Technology Industrial Park was elected "2017 Chinese building materials park 20" the first batch of units. Sinoma International, building materials import and export, import and export of materials, building materials, building materials Chinese engineering in international trade, Tianjin cement Institute, Sinoma, Hefei Institute of materials, equipment, Skandia technology, investment in the construction of logistics, construction investment, CTC won the "2017 Chinese building service industry 100 strong" Title; BNBM, sinomatech, Stonehenge group, Chinese composite, Sinoma Sinoma, high tech, China combined with cement, cement, cement, south south southwest of new materials, Taishan gypsum, cement and other Qilian Mountains are in the "2017 Chinese most of the growth of building materials enterprises 100 strong" list.

The Ministry of raw material industry deputy inspector Lv Guixin, deputy director of the State Bureau of building materials, building materials China Enterprise Management Association honorary president Yang Zhiyuan, vice president of the Federation of China building materials, building materials, China Enterprise Management Association Zhang Dongzhuang, China building materials industry planning and Research Institute, party secretary Zhang Guangpei, vice president of China building materials enterprises Xu Jinhua, Wang Jianguo, Yu Guobo Management Association, Zhang Yuxiang, Fan Xiyang, the relevant provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the leading industry associations, China Building Materials Federation relevant units of the system leaders and representatives and representatives from large building materials group and backbone enterprises of more than 260 people attended the meeting, the conference by Chinese building materials enterprises Management Association Secretary General Yang Xiangkun presiding over. The responsible comrades of China Building Materials Group, China United Cement, north new building materials, China general building of building materials, China building materials import and export, Sinoma import and export, Kasen technology and other enterprises attended the conference and received medals.

In August 2016, the original building materials and raw materials were reorganized, and the new China building materials group was officially announced. Restructuring over the past year, China building materials group to actively promote the optimization strategy, optimization based mechanism, optimization of the two platform, the optimization system of "four" brand optimization, and cultural integration, organization integration, business integration, cement plate international engineering business integration, finance integration, production and research integration "six integration work, enterprise scale, synergies and significantly enhance economic efficiency, has 6 world first and 4 national first industrial advantages, identify new strategic objectives and strategic positioning, a clear development strategy of the three and six service platform, to achieve a 1+1>2 effect. And in the production and management, physical fitness, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, international cooperation, and other aspects have also carried out a large number of fruitful work. The annual business income is 261 billion 200 million yuan, the total profit is 7 billion 600 million yuan, the turnover tax is 15 billion 700 million yuan, the total contribution of the society is nearly 60 billion yuan. In the performance appraisal of the Central Committee of the SASAC, it is rated as a grade 500 and fortune 500 by Yue Zhidi 259.

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