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The first standardization work conference of China building materials group was held in Beijing

2017/12/25      view:

In November 11th, the first standardization work conference of China building materials group was held in Beijing. Deputy director of the National Standardization Management Committee Office Li Zhiping, Zhongguancun materials testing technology alliance chairman, deputy general manager of Chinese Gangyan Technology Group Co. Ltd. Wang Chen, Chinese building materials group vice chairman, Chinese Building Materials Institute Dean Yao Yan, China group building materials science and technology management department director Xiao Zhi, director, China standardization office building materials group China Building Materials Institute deputy party secretary Ma Zhenzhu and the Group owned 19 Standardization Committee Secretariat to undertake units of leaders and representatives of more than 40 people attended the meeting. Xiao Zhi presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Yao Yan made a speech entitled "making good use of resources to set up a platform to create a new situation for the standardization of the group." She introduced the China building materials group standardization office established background and purpose, significance and main task, put forward the expectations and requirements of good Chinese group testing and materials standard building materials, especially the detailed planning of the group enterprise standard, proposed to build CNBM brand, sincerely hope to become the company standard "leader of the.
At the meeting, Li Zhiping as a member of "standardization law" to amend the law working group on November 4th has just released a new version of "standardization law" has been explained; Wang Chen made a speech entitled "Chinese group for testing materials (CSTM) special report system construction"; a deputy general manager of China Inspection Group, deputy secretary general Zhongguancun materials testing technology alliance Chen Lu CSTM building materials group and Construction Committee to work were introduced. China building materials general assembly, state inspection group, Nanjing glass fiber Institute and Shandong Ceramic Institute respectively share their experiences, experiences and representatives. The delegates discussed how to carry out the CSTM group standard and the building material group enterprise standard.
The meeting asked all units to earnestly implement, and actively promote the preparatory work, especially the establishment of the general assembly of CSTM according to the field of building materials committee work arrangements to implement one by one; the enterprise standard and group standard as the starting point, the elimination of backward production capacity, improve the quality of the traditional industry development, improve the quality and stability of the supply level of new material products, to enhance the group's innovation and the industry the right to speak, to promote innovation and transformation of group development and structural adjustment; accelerate the construction of standardization experts think tank construction, build a standardized work sharing platform, cooperation mechanism to establish win-win system and information sharing mechanism, innovation and transformation of comprehensive services for development, and actively participate in the formulation of international standards, strengthen the core technology into international standards, promote group international influence.
This meeting is the first working conference since the establishment of the standardization office, and it is also an important part of the integration of China Building Materials Group's scientific and technological resources. Through restructuring and resource integration, China Building Materials Group has undertaken 19 national and Industry Standardization Technology Committee Secretariat, and has made great achievements in the standardization work of international and national and industry standards. The standardization office will give full play to the role of group standards, chemical writers and standardization technical experts, and push forward the standardization work of the group to move forward in the direction of systematization, standardization, specialization and internationalization.
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