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China Building Materials Group fully deploys the nineteen major spiritual learning and publicity activities of the party

2017/12/27      view:

Recently, for the further implementation of the Central Party committee of SASAC and decision-making arrangements, earnestly Chinese building materials group at all levels of corporate propaganda and implement the party's nineteen big spiritual work, special research group of the Party committee formulated the "Nineteen spirit" programme of work on earnestly study and implement the party's propaganda, put forward 6 aspects of 21 specific measures to promote the study and implementation of the spirit of the system the party's nineteen to the fact, go deeper to go.

"Plan" pointed out that to adhere to the study and publicize the spirit of the party's nineteen as the primary political task of the current and future periods, focusing on the characteristics of Xi Jinping China new era of socialist ideology and the main line, adhere to the study and implementation of the focus on "six focus", grasp the ten deep understanding and do the "five place": the implementation of organizational leadership in place, training in place, propaganda and guidance in place, supervision and guidance in place, promote the work place, and strive to achieve five full coverage: focus on learning party organizations at all levels of enterprises achieve full coverage, focused seminars do leadership at all levels of enterprise members full coverage, leaders at all levels the spirit of the party's nineteen big theme of the lectures so that all the grassroots organizations and Party branch coverage, training and learning in the middle do Leading cadres above the full coverage, the nineteen spirit of learning to carry out publicity activities to achieve full coverage of enterprise workers, further education workers guide Party members and cadres to put ideas into the spirit of the party's nineteen, the strength of the party's nineteen big tasks to determine.

The plan is closely integrated with the reality of the enterprise and makes arrangements for the deployment of the study and publicity and implementation activities. Asked all units to quickly convey learning, grasp the special study theory study group, widely carry out the "three talk" activities, adhere to the "three class as the basic level" and "two a" normalization system of the primary content, quickly set off to study and implement the boom. In depth understanding and implementation, in accordance with the requirements of the SASAC Mobilization Committee and the special report, we should carry out the measures step by step, write and study and carry out the theoretical articles, so as to ensure that learning and implementation activities achieve tangible results. Seminar training, holding nineteen major spiritual training courses of group leaders, focusing on the organizational strategy seminar of building a world-class competitive building material enterprise with global competitiveness, sorting out the strategic objectives and defining the direction of development. The enterprises in which they belong to the enterprises have to use the training results well and do a good job of training. Continue to deepen the understanding of the implementation of leading cadres to the point of contact for the spirit of the nineteen thematic lectures, held a variety of reading activities, promote the implementation of publicity in the primary air plant. To enrich the carrier, we should further develop the theme of "learning and implementing the nineteen spirits of the Communist Party", soliciting "new era, new journey, new practice" poetry collection activities, and actively create a strong atmosphere for learning, publicizing and implementing activities. To expand the work of Party building, strengthen party construction culture, widely organized "excellent Party branch" vanguard party post, create "party brand" award, "star enterprise" to create activities, promote the overall progress of the comprehensive development of enterprises.

The plan emphasizes that all levels should strengthen organizational leadership, plan carefully, organize carefully and act quickly, take effective measures to promote the implementation of learning propaganda and implementation.
We should innovate ways and methods, use good propaganda positions, sum up good experience and practice, reflect the effect of learning, and reflect the mental outlook. We must integrate closely with reality, transform the learning process into the process of planning scientific development, combine learning and implementing the nineteen spirits and create outstanding business achievements, and push forward the work of group reform, development and production and operation, and achieve new and bigger achievements.

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